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Custom Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits, Highland Park, IL Numerous aspects contribute to a property's aesthetic and usability, and many homeowners in and around Highland Park, IL, are increasingly constructing outdoor fire pits. These components integrate well into any outdoor or semi-outdoor environment. Moreno Landscape & Hardscape is one of the most famous landscaping companies in Highland Park, IL. Along with various other hardscaping solutions, we design and construct unique fire pits.

The Benefits of Installing a Fire Pit

Why would someone create a fire pit instead of a fireplace is a frequently asked question. A few causes include the following:

  • Social - Fireplaces are perfect for those who like to spend time with family and entertain friends at home. This feature allows people to congregate around it, evoking the ambiance of a campfire. This installation is excellent for parties and gatherings with many guests.
  • Discreet - Fireplaces tend to take up too much physical and visual space due to their size. They command attention, transforming that zone into a focal point. However, a fire pit is significantly more adaptable. It can act as a focal point or just be nestled away in the corner of the yard if needed.
  • Styles - Fireplaces’ designs and style selections are limited. They may be traditional or modern in appearance. However, fire pits provide variation. Install a fire table, a fire hearth or a fire bowl and fuel it with wood, gas, or propane. Additionally, we will line the fire pit with lava rock, reused glass, or river rock, which will add to its elegance and heat-absorbing ability.
  • Affordable - The cost of installing a fireplace is higher than constructing a fire pit. Even a small fireplace can be quite costly. In comparison, a yard fire pit can be as simple as a brick-lined pit packed with wood, making it relatively cheap.
  • The View - As previously stated, fire pits do not overwhelm your backyard spaces. Additionally, they do not obscure views, and you will have a great view of your whole garden.

Custom-Designed Fire Pit

Always consult with a competent hardscaper like us before building outdoor fire pits. You must consider local building codes, safety, and the structure's location. Our experts will guide you on each of these areas, and while designing your fire pit, we will take these variables in mind. If we build this feature as part of the existing landscape, we will pick a material that complements the current design and look.

Affordable Fire Pit Installations

We utilize high-quality materials and the most outstanding craftsmanship in our work to ensure that you have an aesthetically pleasing fire pit that boosts the usage and value of your yard. You'll discover that our high-quality installs come at a reasonable price.

Moreno Landscape & Hardscape is one of the region's most sought-after landscape companies, serving business and residential clients. We offer the best custom fire pit solutions, ensuring that our clients get superior services within their budgets. For more details, please call us at 224-430-7511 or send us an email via this Online Form, and one of our team members will call you shortly to discuss the details.

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