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Hardscape Services in Lake Forest, IL

Hardscape Services, Lake Forest, IL Moreno Landscape & Hardscape has served residential and commercial customers in Lake Forest, IL, as one of the most reputable and sought-after names in the local hardscaping business. We always create our solutions with the client’s requirements and budget in mind.

You will find our team to be informed and accommodating, and readily available to give advice and insights into goods, materials, and design. We have the abilities necessary to offer you landscape design, installation, and services of the finest quality. All these services are available from us, so you have a seamless experience.

Retaining Walls

The simple retaining wall is one of the most simple but essential elements in your outdoor spaces. It defines your yard by firmly anchoring the soil underneath it, providing stability for the rest of the landscaping components. Without supporting structures, slopes or loose soil would eventually collapse and sink. Retaining walls preserve the visual appeal of your garden and prevent soil erosion. While the primary purpose of retaining walls is to offer support to a property, you can also use them to create planters and seating spots, serving a dual function.

We can design and build cantilevered walls, gravity walls, and anchored walls. We understand that you need durable and dependable features. Our business provides tailored solutions that align with your unique needs. We use the best masonry, retaining wall systems, boulders, and bricks to guarantee the resilience and durability of your constructions. If you hire us for this task, you will get a fantastic return on your investment.

3D Rendering

Adding distinctive structures to the outdoor spaces of your home is the easiest method to increase their usefulness. We are unparalleled in the design and development of outdoor living spaces. We provide unique 3D rendering services and guarantee that each component meets your specifications. We can help you design and plan your outdoor kitchen, fireplace/fire pit, and patio. You can depend on our skilled designers to guarantee that your new yard features increase your house's usefulness and value.

While supplying 3D drawings and plans, we guarantee that the constructions are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable enough to survive for decades. We give the most aesthetically pleasing and practical outdoor layouts and plans. Our ability to attain the optimal balance of quality, reliability, and cost distinguishes us from most of our competitors. We develop the most functional, visually beautiful, and durable outdoor living features for our clients' houses while ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is a typical outdoor living feature in many homes. Some homeowners prefer the pre-built ones since they can be installed in a DIY manner. But the problem with pre-built ones is the customization option. The kitchen unit may lack specific features that the client desires. Another issue is the compatibility of the pre-built unit with the current outdoor setting. You can avoid these problems by hiring professional outdoor kitchen builders. Professionals like us can help you choose the right kitchen unit that will suit your needs and budget.

Our custom-built outdoor kitchens are always made from top-quality materials. We only recommend leading brands that are proven tough and long-lasting. Your kitchen will not only look great but also highly functional because of our creative kitchen designers. From your favorite BBQ grill and chosen kitchen island to vital kitchen accessories, we will make sure they are installed in their perfect spots. With your new outdoor living amenity, family get-togethers will surely become fun and memorable.

For more details about our fiberglass swimming pools, retaining walls, and 3D rendering services in Lake Forest, IL, please call us at 224-430-7511 or send us an email via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

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